Vampires, not just the Twilight kind, are turning red into green

November 20, 2009

First, I suppose I should mentioned that I already bought my Twilight: New Moon tickets a couple of days ago, and will be kicking back at the Alamo Drafthouse tonight watching the movie. So before you read the text below, you should know that I’m not bashing the movie.

Vampires are everywhere now. In the movies… on TV. HBO has found new subscribers just because of their True Blood programming. Their advertising (which I think is really effective) has created the “buzz” it sought. I also love this quote attributed to the director of New Moon: “It’s kind of the only growth industry in America, that I can tell.”

What feels different this time is how advertisers have responded. Vampires are now deemed cool enough to sell just about anything. Today, I saw a Bing commercial with a vampire in it. It’s no longer enough to put attractive people in your ads. They have to be attractive and a vampire on top of that. Sets the bar a little high for the rest of us human folks.

So, what other vampire-themed ads have you seen recently? And when will it stop? I’m predicting after the third Twilight movie, but before the fourth. :0

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