The new domain name land rush?

June 28, 2008

I was just reading that ICANN is considering opening up the domain name scheme to include common words such as .hotel or .sex. Can you imagine what kind of frenzy this might cause?

I’ve experienced the frustration of not being able to get a decent .com name. For example, when we are working on a naming project for a client, part of the process is to do a domain search to see if something reasonable can be obtained. If not, then that name will likely get cut. So many good names get lost this way. With this new system, say you wanted “” and someone else had “TotallyGreen.plants” that would be ok. Different industries, so probably no real confusion, EXCEPT that you have to consider that many people would just type in the word “TotallyGreen” and get the .com version instead (and I have no idea what that is or going to be!)

Another offshoot of this would be what I might call “vanity” domains, just like the license plates. Instead of someone saying “” they would now say “”. Think of the possibilities. we’ll become a “domain.this.phrase” culture. You’ll see these in ads everywhere.

And finally, what major corporation wouldn’t want to own their own domain? Do you think either Coke or Pepsi wouldn’t blink at .coke or .pepsi? Wal-mart might be very happy to have “” or “”. I bet that both consultants and IT departments will be very busy creating the hundreds of domain name possibilities.

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