Textual Harassment

March 6, 2009

This week, I heard a news report about “textual harassment” – where someone gets harassed through text messages. Now first, you may not feel this is as invasive as harassing phone calls, but when you think about it, some people have to actually PAY for these text messages, depending on their cell phone plan.

textuallyharassing_web_heroThank goodness this site http://www.thatsnotcool.com has tried to find a way to help you resolve issues like these before it moves into stalker status and you have to get the “law” involved.

You can pick from any number of issues you see in online social spaces or for mobile devices. In addition to textual harassment there’s something for that frequent IM-er, or when you need to dispel an online rumor or even when you’re confronted with a profile photos that’s just a little too revealing.

I promise this will make you day. Hope you never need to use them, but you likely will!

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