Surviving the night with Ike

September 13, 2008

You know you’re in trouble when you can vividly imagine your roof coming off, or all your windows blowing in – that’s what was keeping me awake at 3am this morning. So as I retreated to a closet, I was hoping for the best as Hurricane Ike did its worst. Somehow my husband telling me later that the garage would probably go before the house did not necessarily comfort me. I began to wonder how well paid the construction workers were that built our house…

So there I was, with my two cats, in the closet. One was totally freaked out all night (even before the closet she was constantly pacing in circles), and the other was like “meh, I’m sleeping”. It was one sleepless night for me though.

All things considered, I got off very lucky. Just a few casualties in the yard, and a gate that’s now stuck open in the wrong direction are the only real problems. I’ve spoken to some friends and family, and the story seems the same so far – it could have been much worse. As I write this, I’m still not able to watch TV to see the full effects of the storm. The radio describes more adverse effects in Galveston, Kemah and Clear Lake, but until you get to see it, it’s not the same. Probably for the best as I’d be glued to the TV right now, which isn’t healthy.

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