Making and Thinking at Make/Think, With Drinks

December 16, 2009

I had actually forgotten about this and then stumbled back upon it. From the 2009 AIGA Design Conference in Memphis, as posted by withgelatobaby. I’m about half-way through, and reminded again of what a total geek I can be sometimes! Someone get that girl another drink. 😉

What did your favorite designers make and think at AIGA’s national conference? Hear from Michael Bierut, Julie Lasky, Stefan Bucher, Chip Kidd, Bonnie Siegler, Kurt Andersen and more about what they made and thought that day (the answers may surprise you). Includes some special Make/Think choreography from Design Observer’s party at the New Daisy Theater!

Includes…michael bierut, chip kidd, stefan bucher, jamie koval, julie lasky, kurt andersen, emily carr, gaby brink, pam williams, michael vanderbyl, david gibson, david burney, ric grefe, robin tooms, steve hartman, bobby martin, liz danzico, hank richardson, zelda harrison, clement mok, michael lejeune, jim coudal, shel perkins, jim ales, petrula vrontikis, william drenttel, marc english, dan covert … and more.

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