Farewell Randy Pausch

July 30, 2008

“We don’t beat the reaper by living longer, but by living well, and living fully — for the reaper will come for all of us. The question is: what do we do between the time we’re born and the time he shows up.”
-Randy Pausch

Apparently I’ve been working too much this week because it took me until yesterday to realize that Pausch lost his battle with cancer this past weekend (and I thought I had been following his story pretty closely). Like many, at least 5.5 million according to YouTube, I watched the “Last Lecture” video and read all the news reports. The speech is inspirational for sure, but I honestly still can’t watch or read anything about him without thinking about this family and their loss. While he seems to have helped so many, especially in his last months, I can only imagine the impact he has had on those closest to him.

I *hope* that I possess some small sliver of what we all admired in this man.

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