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August 13, 2012


FF Chartwell is like a graphing tool for the rest of us. There are no cells to highlight or windows for values. Instead, you simply type the values you want in a graph, separated by plus signs. Then, as easily as you would swap a font, you can highlight the numbers and instantly transform them into several different, sharp-looking graphs.

“If you want to get picky, FF Chartwell’s not really a typeface in the traditional sense,” explains creator Travis Kochel. “However, everything exists within a font file. Each possible chart shape exists as a separate glyph. When the OpenType features are activated, the numbers [are] automatically swapped out with the corresponding shapes. Much in the same manner as a ligature.”

Oh this is brilliant. Is it wrong that I want this so that I can find a new way to noodle on some charts/graphs? I love the fact that this turns the idea of a font on it’s ear, and in a very elegant way.

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