December 27, 2007

My husband is a huge Blade Runner fan, and the anniversary edition with five different cuts of the movie (yes, five) arrived last week in a fancy case. I hadn’t seen the movie in quite a while, so it was cool to watch it again. The one thing that really struck me was the year. The movie opens with a black title screen letting you know that the year is 2019… oh, how so far away that must have seemed when this was written, but how close that feels now. I doubt in 2019 we’ll have androids and flying cars, but it got me thinking again about progress. What is progress, really? I was reminded of this book “Where’s my Jetpack?”

Now, it was pointed out to me that in the movie, they used keycards to open locked doors, just like you do know in hotel rooms today, so that’s progress, I suppose… considering that probably wasn’t around 20 years ago…

And just to make my husband happy (because he won’t like this post), I also came across this Flying Car short film by Kevin Smith, so please watch it!

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