12 years, 12 days

September 6, 2009

A couple of weeks ago was my 12 year anniversary at my current company. One might think that someone who has worked at the same company for 12 years does so because they are afraid of change. For the record, I embrace change! Actually, I find change exciting. I just don’t feel that you always need to switch where you’re working to inject some change into your work life.

I’ve always been pretty self motivated, but as I enter into the 13th year at this company, I think about how I can do more to help others (it’s not all about me). I think about how I can I might inspire someone else. I would feel successful this year if I could find another designer to share this drive with – show them how they can take charge with their work.

I heard a story recently about how you don’t make good shipbuilders by giving them tools and materials. You make good shipbuilders by instilling them with a passion for the open seas.

I like that story!

Recently I came across the chatter about Netflix’s corporate values in this presentation below. It’s been blogged about quite a bit over the past few weeks. Whether you think it’s true about Netflix or not, it’s still worth a read.

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